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Bannish Pandemic Pounds

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Throw Yourself into Martial Arts By Justin de la Cruz The pandemic caught us all by surprise. We never thought everyone would be closed indoors, afraid to shake hands, or afraid to see someone without a mask. Humans are not meant to stay indoors. Instead, we should be communicating with one another, exploring, and participating......

Spring 2021 Issue 1.0.

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ON THIS ISSUE// Millennials are on the chase for an antidote that will return their lives to normalcy. BLACK HISTORY// A closer look at the Reimagined Life of many on the rails of justice seeking on-campus internal review of allegiance to Black society and on campus brutality. COLLEGE RANKING//LACC makes history one more time as......

City Objects to Violence Against Asian Pacific Islanders

Beatriche Alcala
PHOTOS BY LOUIS WHITE The “Love Our Communities: Build Collective Power” rally brought the community together in solidarity to protest against the rise of Anti-Asian violence. Billed as an event to “Meet, collaborate, and build with grassroots organizations doing direct work in Los Angeles Asian American communities”, the shifted the focus from anti-Asian violence to......

Hate Crimes Increase Against APIs

Hollywood and Los Angeles neighborhoods mirror a violent national pattern as pandemic hits the one-year mark.  By Serina Haynes Asian communities that surround East Hollywood and the LACC neighborhoods of Thai Town, Koreatown, Chinatown and Little Tokyo remain on edge after a surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans since the pandemic began.  A streak of unprovoked......

LA City Ranked Among the Most Influential Colleges of the Nation

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Faculty and Students Bonafide Last Thursday on Forbes, Academic Influence released its first-ever ranking of the best 50 American community colleges of 839 community colleges in the US placing LACC as number sixth in the nation and second in California. The criteria for the national recognition comes with the observation to be fully accredited; enrolled......

It is necessary that it works

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L.A. takes steps to think outside the box after Former LACCD Student was shot dead by County Sheriffs. LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Board of Trustees approved a new partnership with the City of Los Angeles to develop a pathway to municipal careers and job opportunities for students and graduates of the......
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