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Angelia Coyne
On 10-19-2020.  Person(s) unknown entered the operation facilities office and stole two hand held radios and a charger. A window leading to the office was smashed and the main door was found open.  A burglary report under file #920-00269-8716-078 was written in this case and will be investigated by our detective bureau.  If you have......

A company helps students store belongings during displacement

Online City News
Many students are experiencing storage issues as their schools have shut down due to the rapidly spreading COVID-19. Many colleges are urging students to move out of the residence halls and as a result of this, they need to store their belongings that aren’t easily portable. Displaced LACC students, of which some have moved out......
Online City News
Serving an expanding network of 135,000 students in the Los Angeles County.

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