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Push Back Against Shameless Campaign of Lies to Recall Gov. Newsom

By Edward Locke

Recently, the dark forces of greed, ignorance and disrespect for human life from the far right in the Golden State have stepped up their silly campaign for the recall of Gavin Newsom, the governor of California.

These ideological zeal ots presented all sorts of so-called “reasons” for their recall campaign. Their “reasons” are faulty arguments, big lies and rumors. They are de signed to undermine the good work of California lawmakers and Gov. Newsom to save lives during the COVID19 pandemic and streamline the state’s economic recovery.

Those are the same policymakers, pundits and politicians who institute in-humanitarian and impractical policies driven by antisocial and antigovernment ideological extremism and demagoguery, vis-à-vis the COVID19 pandemic and its negative impacts on the economy.

The big lies should be rejected by voters with rational thinking and common sense. The 2021 California gubernatorial recall special election is expected to happen in November.

On the ballot, voters will be asked two sep arate questions: 1) Do you want to recall Gov. Newsom, yes or no, if Newsom is recalled, who would you choose to replace him?

There is no reason to recall Gov. Newsom. Number One: Gov. Newsom imposed mandatory mail-in voting.

In the face of COVID19 and all of the health-related worries caused by the pandemic, the governor and the California legislature allowed voting by mail as a means of convenience.

The recent passage of a bill limiting voting rights by the Republican-controlled legislature in Georgia in March is a case in point.

That bill limits ballot access and makes it in convenient for African Americans to vote.

Corporate giants such as Coca Cola, UPS, Bank of America, CISCO and Home Depot have rejected such actions via official corporate statements.

Another reason provided by the far right to recall the governor is the “loss of small busi nesses and jobs” because of “ongoing shut downs.” There are also charges that the gov ernor was too slow to reopen industries after the state crushed the curve in Spring 2020.

In fact, as believed by many knowledgeable people, proven by undeniable facts and sta tistics, and even recognized by the governor himself, “Newsom wasn’t strict enough with shutdown measures, which lacked enforce ment or consequences for rulebreakers.”

According to an article titled “After a Difficult Time Period Restaurants Restart Din ingin But Are Not Able to Find Employees,” published March 27 in the Taiwan Times, a Chineselanguage newspaper in Los Angeles, restaurant owners suffer from difficulty re cruiting employees, with very few applicants showing up.

This story clearly indicated that what caused “loss of small businesses and jobs” is not the governor’s failure to reopen the economy or “ongoing shutdowns,” but the psychological distress or fear of getting the COVID19 virus. That fear caused people to prefer to stay home, to shop online instead of purchasing in physical stores, which are all beyond Gov. Newsom’s control.

Therefore, the Recall Gavin zealots’ argument is baseless. In fact, over 30% of small and medium sized business across the entire nation have shut down; a lot of them have gone bankrupt permanently. California is not alone in this disaster.

Critics also claim Gov. Newsom commit ted “infringement of our 2nd Amendment rights” through “countless new guns and ammo laws.”

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Con stitution states, “A well-regulated Militia, be ing necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” Let us read this 2nd Amendment carefully.

It talks about “a wellregulated Militia” (not unregulated private citizens as individu als). In today’s terms, that means the Nation al Guard, “being necessary to the security of a free State,” which means the democratically elected government, not the security of any private person.

The people whose job it is to protect the citizens of this country are the same people referred to by “the right of the people, to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Here “to keep and bear arms” does not necessarily imply the right of members of the “wellregulated militia” to own weapons as private property.

It merely indicates that they have the right to control the weapons which legally still be long to the “wellregulated militia;” and its members only have the right of usage, NOT for private purposes but for the defense of law and order.

Critics also say that the governor violat ed the “StayatHome Order” he issued by attending a birthday party at the Miche linstarred restaurant, French Laundry last November in Yountville.

Finally, the Recall Gavin zealots came up with a “reason” that seems to make sense. However, we need to point out that the governor has made an open apology for his mis take, a mistake of private dimension, which certainly has damaged his personal image and reputation. It did little to harm the inter ests of the public.

However, the Stay at Home Order he promoted is still a good policy for public safety despite his personal failure to comply with its stipulations.

We should forgive the governor’s personal mistake, based on his genuine and honest repentance as well as on all of the good things he has done to save lives, to relieve the suf fering of the poor and to promote economic recovery under the tragic circumstances of the COVID19 pandemic.

Should the Recall Gavin campaigners’ choice for governor come to power, the correct “Stay at Home Order” will not be implummeted. Instead, some “softer” and Luke warm semi-measures would certainly cause more extensive spread of COVID19 and consequentially more serious damage in Cal ifornia.

We should absolutely reject the outlandish argument of the Recall Gavin zealots, and tell the far right that political intolerance and extremism have no place in American democracy.

To sum up, all of the arguments of the Recall Gavin campaign zealots are pure nonsense. Currently, the Biden Harris Ad ministration is implementing an extensive economic recovery plan; California will definitely benefit from this program.

We need political stability and unity in or der to effectively pursue economic recovery in California. We could hardly afford to allow these zealots to disrupt the recovery process with their selfish and narrowminded parti san attempt to seize the political leadership in our beloved Golden State.

Therefore, all patriotic and decent California voters, Democrat and Republican, or independent alike, White, Black, Latino or Asian, should unite in supporting Gov. Newsom and help him defeat the divisive and disruptive Recall Gavin lunatics.

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