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Chancellor Urges Early Enrollment and Rejects Student Involved Violence

Juan Mendoza
California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley discusses the outlook for colleges amid the pandemic response and the plan to return to campus.   BY JUAN MENDOZA; (East Hollywood, Calif./April 28, 2021) — The coronavirus surge hit younger students hard as the “disconnection rate” doubled. That is the share of unemployed young adults who are......

Two Pandemics is Not One: Looking at Numbers

Whitney Gibson
BY WHITNEY GIBSON Reopening Schools may do more Harm than Good (Los Angeles, Calif./April, 25, 2021) — Parents, students and educational institutions continue to grapple with the repercussions of a year of remote learning, but we should also look back.After all, the world has been through a global pandemic before. Just over 100 years ago, what did......

Confidence Rises for Vaccinated Millennials

Jonathan Montes
By Jonathan Montes Members of the under-25 crowd talk about their path to the COVID-19 vaccine and the life they hope for after the pandemic. (Los Angeles, Calif., Collegian) — They get tips from emails at work or significant others offer information and even websites can be a source for where to get the COVID-19......

Swap Meet Wars

Online City News
Answers do not come easy for vendors on the street near Vermont and Melrose Avenues. They jostle for position, interact with police, and try to carve out a living.   A few Vendors’ stands spill over onto Willowbrook and Vermont behind L.A. City College on March 21, 2021. The number of vendors on the street......
Online City News
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