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[OPINION] Neglect of Power Grid Led to Blackouts in Texas


The sorrow and misery of Texans cannot be comprehended by us Californians as they undergo a power outage crisis from the result of two severe winter storms, leading families to very dangerous living conditions.

Texas was somewhere I was considering soon visiting because of the distant family I have residing there waiting to meet my daughter. But the thought of not having electricity or water upon my arrival worries me.

Federal agencies sent out a warning 10 years ago that Texas needed to weatherize its power plants and grid. In all the time they had to fix the problem nothing was done about it. That enrages me. This crisis could easily have been avoided had people did their job.

Being the largest energy producing state in the country, individuals expected things to be under control briskly. Instead, nearly half the state faced power disruptions.

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott is providing very few details about when individuals can go back to living a normal life, as if he doesn’t care. He doesn’t give full and honest responses in his press conferences which leads to me question his real motives.

As of February 28, 2021, the power is back, but millions of Texans worry about what it will take to fully retrieve the happy and healthy lifestyle they were previously used to living.

So many different emotions have overtaken us all. I am hoping Texans will pull through very soon.

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