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Nathan Dumlao
Nathan Dumlao

Throw Yourself into Martial Arts

By Justin de la Cruz

The pandemic caught us all by surprise. We never thought everyone would be closed indoors, afraid to shake hands, or afraid to see someone without a mask.

Humans are not meant to stay indoors. Instead, we should be communicating with one another, exploring, and participating in physical activities.

I currently work at a martial arts gym, and when the stay-at-home order was issued, all gyms had to close.

The first three weeks of the order were difficult. Pre-pandemic, I was always moving, and I tried to keep myself in good health. But staying at home, I lacked the motivation to get up or the energy to go for a run. It was so bad that I started to eat constantly, and I gained weight.

Martial arts schools adapted to the situation. My school started teaching via Zoom. It was a new way to teach and run a business.

I think other people will feel the same about not having the energy to do work, to go out for a run, or spend time with family. Our home is a place for us to relax. It is like a charger for us or a capsule. When we see our homes, we immediately think about sleep rest or relaxation. When we see our workspace, we automatically focus on work and think about deadlines.

Staying in our home and mixing work is difficult. Home is our comfort zone. I recommend Moorimgoong Martial Arts to anyone who wants to have a good workout. It builds self-discipline, respect and focus. Moorimgoong Martial Arts is a place where you can learn at home or practice with in-person classes.

Many regular gyms are still closed, and not everyone can afford to buy expensive equipment. Most people in L.A. lack space for a home gym, but martial arts do not require a lot of space, and there are opportunities for in-person instruction.

The study of martial arts helps improve coordination, flexibility, confidence and public speaking skills. It will help the student develop better social skills, better full-body workouts and self-defense skills.
Everyone wants to maintain their health, but it is difficult now.

Find a martial arts school to join during the pandemic. Practice online or take an in-person class. When this is all over, the health benefits will be clear.

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