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City Objects to Violence Against Asian Pacific Islanders

A Chinese man pridefully raises his fist in solidarity with the large crowd gathered at the “Love Our Communities:Stop Asian Hate rally in the Little Tokyo/Arts district of Downtown Los Angeles, Saturday,March 13, 2021.

The “Love Our Communities: Build Collective Power” rally brought the community together in solidarity to protest against the rise of Anti-Asian violence.

Billed as an event to “Meet, collaborate, and build with grassroots organizations doing direct work in Los Angeles Asian American communities”, the shifted the focus from anti-Asian violence to be inclusive of a combination of struggles the community is facing.

Sean Miura, one of the event’s organizers, said, “The event is meant to be a healing space and also an opportunity to learn from people who work deeply within our communities. We want to broaden the conversation to highlight how these attacks are tied to problems like political failure, housing access, health services, over-policing, and more.”

Frustrations were expressed over the failure of The City to follow through with their promises of support, hot meals for seniors and COVID-19 resources. The neglect during the pandemic was only contrasted by politicians such as Mayor Eric Garcetti to come out and use Chinatown residents as props in photo-ops.

Concern was voiced over evictions by landlords and developers for gentrification. With nowhere to go, residents facing displacement considered it a death sentence.

The location of the rally is significant: during World War II, it was where Japanese Americans were rounded up before being sent to internment camps.

A prayer site was put together to commemorate victims of racist violence across different ethnic backgrounds. CCED volunteer and activist TiDo made an impassioned speech of solidarity with all BIPOC, addressing the mainstream media’s emphasis on Black on Asian hate crimes as being divisive,

TiDo said, “The harm against our elders will not be used to advocate for more harm against our black and brown communities. We are here to tell the world: don’t you fucking dare use our community tragedies to fund the police”.

For more information or to connect with the organizers of the event:
Chinatown Community for Equitable Development @ccedla
Ktown4BlackLives @ktown4blacklives
Tuesday Night Project @tnproject
Nikkei Progressives @NikkeiProgressives
Sunday Jump @thesundayjump
API Equality LA @apiequalityla
Kabataang maka-Bayan/ProPeople Youth @kmb_la
Progressive Asian Network for Action (PANA)
Palms Up Academy @palmsupacademy
J-Town Action and Solidarity @jtown.action.and.solidarity

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