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L.A. takes steps to think outside the box after Former LACCD Student was shot dead by County Sheriffs.

LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Board of Trustees approved a new partnership with the City of Los Angeles to develop a pathway to municipal careers and job opportunities for students and graduates of the nine LACCD colleges.

LACCD City Connect program was adopted after a former student who wanted to be a police officer and worked as a security guard under the table by the name of Andres Guardado’s death triggered curriculum and training backlash to nine campuses seeking ways to provide into high-demand careers and essential roles throughout the City of Los Angeles.

“In addition, the City of Los Angeles will offer an enhanced framework of job outreach, career awareness, student transition and direct communication about the current needs and career opportunities throughout all City departments,” William H. Boyer, Director of Communications said in a press release.

LACCD’s nine colleges are located throughout the County of Los Angeles and educate thousands of students who are qualified to meet an unmatched variety of public sector workforce needs in the City of Los Angeles.

The Memorandum of Understanding between LACCD and the City of Los Angeles will solidify the employment pathways for students and graduates. LACCD already prepares thousands of essential workers every year, including firefighters, law enforcement officers, medical/allied health personnel, transportation workers and utility technicians.

LACCD students are racially diverse, bi-cultural and multi- lingual, often seeking to re-skill or up-skill and have deep roots in our city’s neighborhoods and landscape. This partnership will help the City of Los Angeles with its goals of achieving a diverse, culturally-competent, vibrant, innovative and highly-trained municipal workforce.

“COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to young people across Los Angeles, but no pandemic, crisis, or emergency can –– or should –– stand between our community college students, educational opportunity, jobs, and a brighter future,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said. “Like the L.A. College Promise, our LACCD City Connect initiative is a partnership with a clear purpose of empowering our scholars with a path to a paycheck, a steady income, a career, and a chance to serve our city and our communities.”

LACCD Board of Trustees President Steve Veres said the LACCD City Connect partnership between the City of Los Angeles and the District can change a student’s trajectory.

“We are creating a pipeline between our colleges and city-based career opportunities, which gives our students a real pathway toward improving their lives. They can become an integral part of the City’s workforce, given our efforts to align curriculum with the critical skills needed to be successful in a wide array of positions throughout the City of Los Angeles.”

LACCD Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez, Ph.D., believes the LACCD City Connect partnership will help revitalize the communities of Los Angeles.

“Our students are among the most forward-thinking, resourceful and determined contributors throughout Los Angeles, and this partnership will seek to identify and use their talents and skills, throughout the workforce that operates this great City. We are proud to align the higher education that our community colleges provide, with the City’s goals of workforce development.”

As the City of Los Angeles is the second-largest municipal government in the United States, employing a workforce of approximately 55,000 employees, comprised of approximately 41,000 civilian staff at all operating departments, including the Department of Water and Power, and about 14,000 sworn personnel at the Police and Fire Departments, positioning it as the fourth largest employer in Los Angeles.
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