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Campus Weighs Hopes For Biden Harris

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Members of the L.A. City College community already have a shortlist of concerns for the next White House occupants.


It will be a short honeymoon for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris once the transition of power ends on inauguration day in January as Americans struggle with a faltering economy and the mounting death toll of the coronavirus pandemic.

Other U.S. presidents have faced pressure early in their administrations. In his first 100 days, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called the 73rd Congress into session early, presented his Emergency Banking Act and began the Public Works Administration, according to SaturdayEveningPost.com.

“I think COVID-19 is still going to be a big issue,” he said. “There [are] going to be a lot of things that the administration has to get done like getting the case numbers down and having less people in hospitals.”

APnews.com reports President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, removed various regulations from the Obama era and nominated Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court justice and the Senate approved him in his first 100 days..

President Trump accomplished 10 promises, mostly through executive orders that don’t require legislation, according to APnews. com.

LACC student Donovan Lindo described what a Biden-Harris administration can mean for the future of the United States.

“I think Biden-Harris is the right administration to bring stability of strong leadership,” he said. “They’re the right administration to bring America back together.”

The Biden-Harris administration agenda ranges from large- scale economic and environmental initiatives to broad actions on racial justice, education and health care, according to NPR.org. A significant amount of Biden’s agenda also centers on reversing or updating positions taken by the Trump administration, especially on immigration and foreign policy.

The Biden-Harris administration heads to office with strategies to address the COVID-19 crisis and the distribution of the vaccine as well.

There are a number of concerns that City College faculty, Associated Student Government members and students shared with the Collegian about their expectations for the Biden-Harris administration’s first 100 days.

Poupy Gaelle who majors in journalism says the new administration should work to support international immigrants to have access to public resources such as financial aid, loans and scholar- ships.

Gaelle says the Biden-Harris administration looks bright for the future of the U.S. for many reasons.

“Democracy will be back, peace will be back, students’ debt will be better,” she said. “I hope so, tax re- form will be better, public medical insurance for low class will be better and the immigration policy will be better.”

Professor Carlos Reyes Guerrero who teaches Chicano studies expressed high expectations for the Biden-Harris team. Guerrero says he expects them to be more methodical, and that they will get advice from experts to make decisions and not create confusion.

Guerrero had a list of issues to which he thinks Biden and Harris should pay attention.

“Well, student loans, immigration, DACA students, climate change, and health care,” he said. “They should also find ways to help the working class. Economic incentives that assist people to live in dignity, access to healthcare, a living wage, food security, and access to quality education.”

Guerrero says the Biden-Harris administration victory is important for the Latinx community. Although there has been a lot written and discussed about the future of the Latinx community under this new administration, Guerrero is still not sure what to expect.

“I believe that the new administration is fully aware that the Latino vote was instrumental in their victory,” Guerrero said. “So, I expect that in terms of polices, the new administration will be cognizant of that reality.”

ASG Activities and Planning Senator Wendy Perla Castañeda is a political science major. Castañeda says she hopes that her journey to a college degree in political science can lead her to serve in the U.S government.

Castañeda says there are quite a few challenges facing the Biden-Harris administration.

“If the Democrats lose the Senate then majority leader Mitch McConnell will block many bills passed from the house,” she said. “Another challenge would be to unite both parties and have some middle ground on many of these issues.”

Castañeda says the Biden-Harris administration is symbolic of a bright future for the students of Los Angeles City College.

“It opens a door to our fellow students who have different backgrounds to see themselves as leaders,” Castañeda said. “To realize that we as a community strategize, organize and mobilize ourselves for the purpose of bettering our communities. We can get it done.

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