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LACCD Aligns Emergency Operations Centers for Vaccinations

County COVID-19 Plans for Employees at Risk First

(LOS ANGELES, Calif.)—The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced expansion of the COVID-19 vaccination eligibility list, with details on tentative distribution timelines.

The exact process on how LACCD employees are to be notified and to receive the vaccination is in the works. Detailed information on the distribution will be sent out ahead of the first vaccinations.

“We know many of you throughout the district have been inquiring about the county directives with regard to the availability of the vaccine for educators. Currently, the vaccine eligibility list includes all healthcare industry workers, including staff employees at urgent and primary care clinics, research laboratories, pharmacies and dental offices. This would include healthcare workers in Phase 1A, Tiers 1 through 3,” an LACCD Emergency Operations Center email sent Friday, January 14 said.

The county estimates that vaccines for Phase 1B will begin sometime in February. Phase 1B includes two tiers. Tier 1 allows those 75 and older to receive the vaccine, as well as employees in four other sectors including education.

LACCD employees who are at risk of being exposed during their assignment, would be eligible to receive the vaccine.

A vaccine distribution timeline guarantees some vaccinations as early as next month. Others included in Phase 1B Tier 1, are workers in the child care, emergency services and food and agriculture sectors.

The roll-out of the vaccine may vary upon the location and capacity.

Again we will provide information on the process as soon as we are able. We do know that individuals will be required to set up an appointment and show verification in order to receive the vaccine.

LACCD Email to Employees

The L.A. County expanded its vaccine eligibility directive to include those 65 and older, but officials say the city does not have access to enough vaccines nor capacity to handle expanded eligibility until further notice.

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