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Urban Gardens Receive Bounty of Fruit Trees

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Photographed by Louis White

International Non Profit Organization Works With Community Gardens to Provide Source of Fresh Produce

By Louis White

A sunny, cloudless day was the perfect setting to plant the 200,000th fruit tree in the East Hollywood Community Garden on Nov. 22 as part of a project launched by Vitafusion and the international nonprofit Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF).

Lizzy Rainey, the program manager for FTPF says they where they will help day was the perfect the most.

“Wherever fruit trees will have the 200,000th an impact,” Rainey said. “And fruit tree in the where we have committed local East Hollywood people, we come together and Community Garden plant trees.”

FTPF also planted fruit trees in the El Sereno Community Garden and Temple City High School.

The eco-initiative between Vitafusion Gummy Vitamins and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation began in 2017.

Shanekey Kelliss volunteers at the East Holly- wood Community Garden on Nov. 23, 2020 to prepare for the planting of the foundation’s 200,000th tree. The group planted a pomegranate tree for its drought-tolerant qualities.

“We wanted to come back to L.A. and do five orchards around the area,” Rainey said. “We selected trees that will not only thrive and survive in this climate, but will serve the community the kinds of trees that people want to eat and want to harvest.”

The orchard will help feed East Hollywood residents, serve as
an educational tool for visiting schools, and bring pollinators to assist in the garden’s overall health.

Over the past four years, Rainey says they have planted 200,000 trees in partnership with Vitafusion, specifically. FTPF has also planted 100,000 trees in five countries this year alone in Uganda, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador and the U.S. They have also planted fruit trees in Peru, Tanzania, Mozambique and India.

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