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Forensics Team Wins National Recognition in Competition

The Real Work Begins

First place winner Raych Hernandez, rehearses his speech before the debate College Tournament last month. He took 5 minutes to let it sink and said to himself “the real work begins.”


Forensics students competed for three days at the Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Association (PSCFA) Fall Tournament on at the Diablo Valley Dec. 4 – 6, where they won recognition for persuasive speech and an International Public Debate Association novice award.

L.A. City College also won the Dan Miller Trophy Award for competitive excellence at several tournaments over the last year for the greatest number of sweepstakes points accumulated in competition.

Moorpark College hosted the virtual tournament and PSCFA streamed the results on YouTube.

The Forensics Team competed at the 2020 Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensic Association in two categories at the tournament: debate and individual. Rebeca Ayala won a finalist award in Novice Dramatic Interpretation; Alejandra Chavez won a Bronze medal in the Novice Individual Parliamentary Debate and Raych Hernandez finished second in the Novice Programmed Oral Interpretation.

“Our students proved, once again, that they can achieve tremendous heights with commitment and determination,” said LACC President Mary Gallagher. “Congratulations to our great coaches and our spectacular students.”

In a separate tournament in November, the LACC Forensics team participated in the Diablo Valley Thing Tournament, which was virtually hosted by Diablo Valley College. The two-day tournament featured swing speech and separate debate competitions for each day.

The forensics team competed in both debate and individual categories, with winners including Ksenia Bogdanova, Finalist in Novice Programmed Oral Interpretation; Rebeca Ayala won Finalist in Novice Dramatic Interpretation and Raych Hernandez won First in Novice Programmed Oral Interpretation, according to a written statement from the Communications Department of Los Angeles City College.

Chavez is a sophomore in the program and winner of a bronze medal in the Novice Individual Parliamentary Debate.

“Winning can help build your confidence and be a good thing, but also when you lose you learn a lot more, and that also is important,” she said.

The president says she is proud of the work of the students and their coaches.

“The incredible LACC Forensics team performed far and above what we could have imagined in this time of the pandemic in two separate tournaments,” Gallagher said. “They were not only prepared, but their impressive delivery garnered key recognitions and multiple awards, including first and second place.”

Hernandez came out on top in his speech category

He is a freshman and a first-place winner in the Novice Programmed Oral Interpretation at Diablo Valley College.

“To be honest, this is my first year doing a competitive speech,” Hernandez said. “I was learning everything about Forensics when the spring semester started, and professor Barta really challenged me, I cannot thank her enough for investing in me and believing in my speech,”…

I learned a new skill and discovered a new talent this year.

Raych Hernandez

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