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It’s OK to Sit Out Holidays

(LOS ANGELES, Calif./ Nov.30,2020/By Dennis Davis) —Thanksgiving in the middle of a pandemic, and I stayed home without family. Oh, I could have visited family members in Denver or Boise, or friends back East. But I am 63 and in a high-risk category, so I am keeping my butt home alone and eating like a vegan pig.

Illustration by Yonsun Park/ Entitled: Safe at Home, Digital/I try to go outside but Coronavirus Everywhere …

It’s crazy to see all the news about air traffic and people flying home. The White House is planning all kinds of holiday parties. The G-20 have a summit about Covid-19 and President Trump goes golfing.

So, this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for some different things than I was last year. I am thankful that I can go to school from home online, and l can learn like being in a classroom. I am thankful that the Biden-Harris ticket will be in the White House soon, and that some of the crazy will go away.

I am thankful that various companies have developed a vaccine that will prevent COVID-19, and that we will have access to it by Spring 2021.

Dennis Davis

I am thankful that my family members have survived the last six months, and that they aren’t crazy enough to insist that I visit during Thanksgiving week. I am thankful for Facebook, which is a method of staying in touch with said family members on a daily basis. I have seen pictures of my nephew’s garden and horse this week.

I am thankful for Pell Grants and other government funding for school. I could not have this experience without those funds.

I hope people wear masks and social distance in their holiday gatherings, but I am not expecting many of them will. So, I am thankful for a merciful God who shields children and fools from the effects of their actions.

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