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You’re Too Sexy for a Mask?

You Should


Wearing a mask isn’t political. You’re just not that creative. Have fun with it. Or, maybe you are just plain rude.

If you were to tell me this time last year, we would have to cover up half of our identity to go out in public, it would have been enough for me. I would have said, “Sign me up.”

I feel like wearing a mask has been so convenient. Don’t feel like shutting off the world while you do your groceries? Put on your mask and some stylish sunglasses. Have a really bad blemish on your nose? Put on your mask.

However, this is no whim. The pandemic has made mask wearing mandatory. Since April, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has made it mandatory to wear a mask in environments where it is a bit more difficult to maintain social distance.

As most of us have been trying to take time to get accustomed to this new accessory, there are still a handful of Americans who are completely rebelling against it! Someone please tell me why we are called the United States of America, if we can’t even unite to put on a simple mask.

Nonetheless, for the Americans that have been following orders, it has been amazing to see them get in touch with their creative side. They coordinate their masks with their outfits. There are beautiful DIY masks, or even favorite artists and other creatives who have come out with face masks.

I have yet to see an avant- garde-inspired face mask, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there are a few on the landscape.

Also, let’s just try to wrap our heads around common courtesy. Let’s continue to keep our commu- nities thriving and help them stay open and safe. Let’s keep essential workers and vulnerable citizens safe and healthy. Put a mask on your face.

At the moment, it is our only type of “source control.” So, even if most of us think we aren’t showing any symptoms, it has been proven that people can spread coronavirus before they have symptoms.

Let’s keep each other safe. I wish we could practice kindness and humility a lot more. This pandem- ic took us all by surprise. It put many of our lives on hold. Wearing a face mask is essentially sav- ing lives. The least we could do is just try to take care of one another even if that means wearing a very cute blinged-out mask that you just made.

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