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One More Decision to Make You Say No More

Illustrated by Edward Locke

It is one bad move after another.

By Gerardo De Los Santos
Illustration by Edward Locke

President Trump successfully continued his long streak of horrible decisions when his administration announced it would no longer accept Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applications over the summer.

The Supreme Court blocked another of President Trump’s attempts to end DACA in June, but the balance of the court is sure to change with the rush-to-judgment appointment of a new justice.

This creates great uncertainty for thousands of immigrants who have applied or would apply. The Trump administration’s outline for DACA would place limits on people already in the program, or those who are eligible and have not yet applied.

This year, we have learned to live our lives in a completely different manner: self-isolation, face masks, police brutality protests, the threat of ending DACA, and so much more. All of this is credited to the one person who is supposed to put people first. But President Trump’s first decision is to consider himself.

The White House was devising plans to end DACA even as Trump spoke about working with the people of DACA and expressed a desire to make them “happy.”

“We are going to make DACA happy, and the DACA people and representatives happy, and we’re also going to end up with a fantastic merit-based immigration system,” Trump said, according to NBC News. And yet, we now learn that the facts are the complete opposite.

Trump has failed to see the other side of the coin. Thousands of DREAMers (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act) may have been born in a different country, but they have lived here for most of their lives. For most, if not all, this is their country and they have a right to pursue an education.

With the end of DACA, those DREAMers would be at-risk for deportation. Trump and his supporters fail to see the side of a DREAMer and how their lives will be negatively affected by ending DACA.

Imagine being sent to a country about which you have little to no knowledge and being stripped of the opportunity and dreams you once had.

This country was built on the idea that it is the “land of opportunity.” But there is fine print in the quote that no one mentions. If you are not born here or cannot directly benefit Donald Trump, then you are not eligible. 

What does this mean for students already attending school? What about high school students applying for college or even freshmen working on their educational plan?

Trump declares himself first in all things. And he will indeed go undefeated, unmatched and unrivaled in his horrible decisions when it comes to running this country.

It is up to us to let our voices be heard, because we are many; and the few will no longer decide or place limits on our future.

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