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The Influence of the Latinx this 2020 Election

Last updated on November 26, 2020

By Diego Chavez-Cadena
Alma for the Collegian.

A large group with a diverse group of ideas:

“I find the conservative part of me aligns with the church.”

(LACC) — Alma Carillo is a year one accounting student at LACC. And she is also one of 32 million Latinx voters eligible to hit the polls come November 3rd.

For the first time, the Latinx community represents the largest minority group of voters in the country. “A lot of people like to group us like we’re all Hispanic, we’re all Latinx. But we all have different values, and we all come from different parts of the world,” Carillo said.

Carillo and millions of Latin x voters will have an impact on this election. She believes that this group will play an essential role in the coming election cycle and impact who takes office.

“The Latino power does have the power to decide not only who occupies the White House, but who takes control in Congress, and statewide offices,” Carillo said.

You may not like the person altogether. But if their policies align with what I believe in, then I have to go for that side.

Individual issues are at the core of the Latinx experience for many voters in this country, with most of them aligning themselves toward the democratic party.

“Quality healthcare, more jobs in the economy, but this time around, I think of who will save our environment,” Carillo said. “After four years of Donald Trump, Latino voters also want a leader that is going to lead by unifying country and is going to address the division.”

But the group is not a monolith because a large percentage of Latinos also identify with the Catholic faith, and their religious beliefs can be a primary factor in their decisions come this fall. Especially in the issue of abortion and the confirmation of conservative-leaning Chief Justice, Amy Coney Barrett.

“I like to look at what the church teaches. Like the stance of pro-life or pro-choice,” Carillo said.
Despite the pushback from friends and family. It’s what motivates her conservative lead.

“You may not like the person altogether. But if their policies align with what I believe in, then I have to go for that side.”

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