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Valentina Yanez
Valentina Yanez
Valentina Yanez
Valentina Yanez

Songs to help distract you from all the stress 

By Valentina Yanez

(HOLLYWOOD, Calif.) — Election Day is coming up and since it seems like it is 2016 all over again, it is a very unsettling time for many of us.

Valentina Yanez
Valentina Yanez

The results of this election will directly affect many groups of people; one of them being people of color. Whether it is things getting worse or not improving at all for us, our lives are never at the focus. 

For this reason, I would like to highlight and celebrate the creativity of people of color. Music has always helped me in times like these, and I think reminding ourselves that we are so much more than what others think, is valuable. So, I made a playlist on Spotify that spotlights the work of many talented musicians from genres including Reggaeton and Contemporary R&B. 

 I hope this playlist gives you a break from all the stress with songs like “Sundress” by A$AP Rocky or “Caramelo” by Ozuna. But also, please remember to get out and vote. 


Here are some of the songs that will distract you from all the stress:

  • “I THINK”

Tyler, The Creator

  • Sundress”

A$AP Rocky

  • “Baby Girl”

Chloe x Halle

  • “Caramelo – Remix”

Ozuna ft. KAROL G and Myke Towers

  • “B.S.”

Jhené Aiko ft. H.E.R.

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