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Rockin’ Grrrl

Raging songs to play when you’re mad at the world

By Valentina Yanez | Arts and Entertainment Editor

R&B, Pop, and Reggaeton are just a few of the many music genres I listen to, but I still thought something was missing in my life. I realized I needed something faster and “in your face” to deal with my teenage angst. 

Rock, specifically punk, motivates me to do the things that I love and not care what anyone thinks. In a strange way, music reassures me that everything is going to be OK – that I am not alone in what I am feeling.  

In my musical travels, I noticed that woman-fronted bands never receive enough recognition for their contributions to punk and rock n’ roll. So, here is a playlist of some of my favorite songs to highlight the work of these talented musicians.  

Here are a few of the song titles and bands that will help you rock away whatever is on your mind:

  • Wall Watcher — Sunflower Bean 
  • Kool Thing — Sonic Youth

  •  Heather Doubtfire — The Paranoyds

  •  Is It Day Or Night? — The Runaways

  • X Offender — Blondie


It’s been a few months since my last post, but here I am again. [I never left]. Here’s a compilation of some of my favorite songs. I believe they’re good to listen to when you’re feeling mad at the world or even just to work out.

Blue Rose Zine

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I do. The playlist is available on Spotify by searching ‘Rock n’ Grrrl.’


rock n’ grrrl, a playlist by bluerosezine on Spotify



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