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Dear America: Maintaining Control

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Angelia Coyne

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay our debts we have accrued over the last century. We will be forwarding this burden to our loving children, so we won’t be held accountable for the irresponsible decisions we knowingly made.

We will recover all monies owed on your student loans through your taxes. Inflate the housing market so you have to continue to live with your parents and pay their bills. We will continue to lie to you about policy changes made in the best interest of the 1% richest people in America (and some foreigners). Concealing the fact that China almost owns America. It has the keys to lock or unlock our economic growth, and it continues.

Under no circumstances, will we confess that Obama was correct in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which was really an undeveloped republican policy under the governorship of Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

By doing so, we can jack up the cost of health care, let pharmaceutical corporations overcharge for prescription drugs, even let some people die by excluding pre-existing conditions, and blame the insurance companies for it.

Things may seem a little harsh for you right now, but there is hope. We are currently working on a survivor’s package that will teach you how to endure the hardships you’re facing now and the new ones we plan on forcing you to experience later. The good news is, we’ve mastered as a country, the art of abject humiliation toward those that come to live here in America. So be of good cheer, the worst is yet to come.

Your aiding and abetting in our irresponsibility by not voting is more than appreciated. Without it, we would lose control of destroying this country and the relationships with our allies. But, thanks to you being our helpless, innocent children, who’s future we’re about to destroy, our control can be maintained through elections with gerrymandering, deceptive legislation, discrimination, educational inequalities, and our favorite and most popular flagrancy, racism.

Thank you for understanding our complete and utter disregard for your future, and the needs of this country. Passing this crisis, and many others over to you have been the focal point of our tenure in office.

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