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City Views: What Do You Think Of Trumps Handling of The Corona Virus?

Photos by Beatrice Alcala

Jazmin Caballero, 20, Radiology major“Oh yea, there is people dying, with a very weak immune system. What exactly is he doing? I don’t even know, so he is not doing very well with the situation.”

Catherine Morataya, 20, Dietetics major“He actually needs to restrict a bit more, seeing the world and social media, countries are discovering more cases of people being contaminated, and although some may say they don’t have it, it really needs to be taken serious because it can really be anywhere right now. Literally, you do not know where people have been so people need to understand germs can be hanging out anywhere.”

Lioness Kamara, 22, Music major

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“I haven’t heard a lot about what [Trump] has to say about it. I think he has been really relaxed considering thousands of people have died in China alone, a lot of people, a lot of lives. Imagining it on a span out of our minds filling a room with all those dead bodies, it’s a lot. When it does start to affect us and we start pointing fingers, we won’t stand in unity to try to fight it. He’s never really one to be someone to peacefully unite us to tackle the issue, instead he brings a sense of confusion. I never listen to him, I will never be led by such a fool.”

Alberto Ortiz, 19, Cinema majorCity Views 4“Besides shutting down the airports, I feel the virus is still here. And even when we do see information online, other than articles online and sometimes it is not even correct information. Like Ebola, we just heard it on the news but we don’t know the immensity of the situation after all the deaths reported years later.”

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