Unemployment Insurance

Recently, we asked Mayor Garcetti’s office and the non-profit organization Unite LA to provide help to all of our students who have not yet applied for Unemployment Insurance, and they produced the attached flyer for you or you may download the flyer via this link: Download the Unemployment Insurance Benefits PDF

Many of our students are eligible for Unemployment Insurance and have not yet applied. People who received a W2 or 1099 may be eligible for Unemployment Insurance and the additional $600 per week in federal supplements.

This flyer provides additional resources to help you successfully apply or determine if you are eligible. Please reach out to these resources as it may make a huge difference to you.

UI Flyer available for download on this page: http://laccd.edu/About/News/Pages/Coronavirus---For-Students.aspx

File attachments:
LACity COVID-19 – Unemployment Insurance.pdf

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