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My new found time for inner growth

By Shimon Dimenstein

Over the past month, I have come to realize how much I rely upon the outside world. Social distancing makes life feel bland. One activity that seems to have picked up recently is walking. Every time I step outside my house for a few laps around the block I pass by many more fellow walkers then how many used to frequent the streets.  

With every non-essential store currently closed, avid shoppers, as well as the rest of us, maybe wondering how to spend this newfound time? How many of us dream of mastering different skills or hobbies just to postpone the start of any such project indefinitely? Now that we have the time, what will we fill it with? Will we choose to fill it with new goals and curiosities, or wallow in the cozy comfort of boredom? Will I give the piano another try, or play the same video game for three hours?

While I expected to challenge myself with new hobbies, I have found that it is much easier to revert to the repetitively braindead hobby of watching television. Now I’m not insulting the content of commercial-driven TV… just the shows that I watch.  

For many students, the classroom is not just a place where one goes to learn. The developed skill of being able to consistently show up on time for class should not be overlooked. This habit gives students the structure they need to organize the rest of their day productively. Online classes are missing accountability and therefore leave the students with a much looser structure to their day.  

If you are someone who struggles to stay productive during these corona times, pay attention. If you need the motivation to pursue something new in your life, your old class time habits may hold the answer. Recently I’ve replaced my 8 a.m. English course with a morning workout.  

While my 8 a.m. class time no longer exists, my habitual attentiveness and subconscious fear of my English teacher marking me late have helped me achieve consistency with my workouts. The easiest habits to keep are the ones you have already made. A great way to fight off the demons of laziness is to apply your old class schedule to your newfound interests.  

Whether or not you find this tip useful, I hope you find a way to achieve your goals in these uncertain times.

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