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Sanitize and disinfect

By Angela Johnson

That was goal No. 1 for the team of custodians who moved into action in response to COVID-19 at Los Angeles City College. Their sole purpose is to make sure the grounds and facilities are clean and safe for students and faculty to return–whenever that will be.

The crack team of 27 virus hunters combed through the 175-acre campus to track and kill harmful pathogens on floors, walls, desks and all “high-touch” areas. These individuals are the barrier between students and faculty and the possibility of being infected with the coronavirus.

The health and wellbeing of the Facilities staff must be protected while they do this potentially dangerous, very necessary work. City College President Mary Gallagher says the custodians received N95 masks, gloves and gauze coveralls.

“It’s very important to us for the staff … who are needed on campus every day, the facilities folks, they have been provided with personal protective gear,” Gallagher said.

LACC campus is not officially closed, although classrooms, facilities and offices have been locked and sealed with tape. Nor are there services offered for students onsite while the campus was being sanitized and disinfected.

President Gallagher says campus is open to staff and faculty who need access to conduct essential business. As of April 10, however, a mask or face covering will be required of anyone who wants access to campus. No one will be allowed on the grounds without it.

“The sheriff’s office will make sure you have the proper covering you need to go on campus,” said Gallagher.

President Gallagher informed the Collegian the sanitization process was completed at LACC last week.

There is the question of how to prevent recontamination before face-to-face instruction resumes. Gallagher says the District has developed sanitization standards that are in place now and will be maintained once public gatherings are allowed.

Gallagher said, “We do not have any further guidance on when there is a possibility of a return to campus.”

The Collegian made several attempts to speak with personnel in Facilities.

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