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Pass/No Pass Grade Option to End May 10

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By Juan Mendoza

Students may exercise an option to help them stay in class this semester with the Pass/No Pass or Excused Withdrawal instead of a letter grade for the spring semester.

L.A. City College President Mary Gallagher announced that students may opt for either the Pass/No Pass or the excused withdrawal until May 10 by contacting the college admissions office during her virtual town hall meeting on April 9.

Both options will benefit students as they continue their studies this semester after the sudden shift to online instruction in March because of the pandemic. 

Many students were not prepared for the sudden change because they did not have access to technology, or they did not own a computer. Some will welcome the opportunity to withdraw by May 10 or exercise the option for no grade.

“Students either pass or no pass the class, but there is no grade. The Pass/No Pass classes will count toward your transfer,” she said. “Also, students have the option to get an Excused Withdrawal [EW] that does not count toward your GPA.”

Students must initiate the request. The form can be downloaded from the LACC website page. The guidelines are also posted on the college website.

The colleges have expanded the number of courses allowed to use the P/NP option. All courses including general education, major and elective courses are eligible.

“Colleges and universities across the country are using this, so they know exactly what it is,” Gallagher said.

Colleges have lifted any restriction on the number of courses a student can take for P/NP this semester. The courses will not count toward the maximum number of P/NP units the student can apply toward a degree or certificate.

For veterans, nursing majors and STEM students, the option is not advisable. These students should seek the advice of a counselor. The Pass/No Pass petition form can be downloaded from the Academic Year Calendar on the LACC website.

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